Tips on Taking Care of Grass in Garden or Parks     

General Article

Keeping your garden or park lush green is easier said than done. If you are a beginner, it will be a little tricky. But, as long as you know the basic lawn care tips, you will be able to keep it fresh and green forever. It’s just the same as purchasing an outdoor sign for a business. There are some tips that you consider to ensure your investment lasts for as long as it should. Same goes for gardening.

If you are able to maintain your garden, it will become a favorite place for not just you and your children but also your pets. So what is it that you must do to keep your garden lush green and velvety soft? Consider these tips:

  • Mow regularly

You must water and mow your lawn regularly or as needed. Once the fall season comes to an end, set the blade to its lowest setting. In this way, more sunlight will reach the crown and once winter arrives, less of the leaves will turn brown.

  • Aerate the soil

The best time to aerate the lawn is in fall. It allows water, oxygen and the fertilizer to reach the roots of the grass effectively. You can also rent a lawn aerator to punch holes into the soil and extract dirt.

  • Get rid of the weed

Weed can appear just about anywhere and it is bad for your lawn. Birds, pets, and humans bring weed with them. And if you don’t remove it, it is capable of growing like seeds and flowers. So, just pull all of it out with the roots. You can either use your hand or a tool for this purpose. If there is too much weed, then you can spray the area with an herbicide.

  • Improve the drainage

If you have a garden with poor drainage, then it is more likely to become waterlogged. One way of fixing that is though aeration. It improves the water and air flow for reducing the surface build up. If that doesn’t help, then changing the topography of your garden may help.

  • Fill the gaps

If there are any bald or bare spots in your garden, fill them up. You can buy lawn repair mixture for this purpose. It is easily available at garden shops. Scratch the soil in the bald spot using a garden rake and then spread the layer of the mixture over the area. If you are unable to fill the gaps on your own, call a professional.

  • Water it right

The best time to water your garden is morning. If your garden is new, then you will need to water it often for the plants to grow. The water must be 5 to 6 inches deep. Make sure it is dry before you water it again. To measure the level of water absorbed by the soil, simply poke a stick in the soil once you have watered.

Along with using these tips, as long as you take proper care of your garden or park, it will always stay fresh.