How to Properly Vet Septic Services

General Article

A septic tank requires a little more finesse than standard plumbing. This is why it is so important to contract a reliable septic service. Shoddy work can create serious problems not just for property but for your health. Unfortunately, separating the wheat from the chaff can be a bit of a chore. If you do not know what to look for. Here is a guide to the most important factors you should consider about a septic service.


A company’s rep says it all. If they are good at what they do, provide a strong service, and leave happy consumers in their wake you will hear about it. You will also hear about bad reputation. This is why when vetting septic services, you want to go with the proverbial crowd. The internet is a great source to find quality service. You can look on forums, rating sights, and the service’s web page to find the info that you need. Seek out the companies with good reputations and leave the bad ones alone. Try to find at least three good choices so you can comparison shop.


Experience is a key consideration for any septic service lebanon pa. The longer a service has been in business the better. This means they provide a good product as lackluster services usually die out. It also means they have years of experience doing your type of job over and over. They have ironed out the kinks and can provide near perfect service.

Warning Signs

Once you have three choices lined up it is time to take a closer look. What you want look for are warning signs. Any kind of warning that the service in question may not be that dependable. A major warning sign is lack of credentials. If a company makes it hard to view their license and insurance, it probably means they do not have it. This can leave you liable should the job go wrong. Another warning sign is an early quote. If a company quotes you before looking at your tank it means they care more about price than performance. Customer service is another warning sign. Poor customer service equals poor septic service.

Additional Services

Many septic services offer additional services. Mostly these revolve around maintenance to prevent further problems. They also protect the environment as a septic tank can release harmful pollutants. Oftentimes, additional service is an extra charge but sometimes they are included in the price for repair. What you want to look for is services that feel like a reward. This means the company values its consumers and will work to keep them as clients.


Cost should always be the final consideration. Do not always go with cheap as it can carry exactly what you pay for. Cheap work. Instead look at every quote and find out why the price is the way it is. If the quote is lower than normal find out why. If it is more expensive find out why. You may be surprised by the answer.