Having Your Septic Tank Drain Field Repaired

General Article

You are working out in your yard and you notice a soft wet patch of grass. It looks unsuspected and then you notice the odor. You might have brushed it off thinking someone’s dog pooped in your yard. However, when you flush your toilet you notice the same order and that the contents of the toilet are not going down into the whole but are instead rising to hit the bathroom floor. This means that you are having a problem with the septic tank drain field. You are looking at a costly repair that is very much needed.

Getting It Fixed

This is not a problem that you can easily fix yourself because it requires digging and looking into pipes for clogs. You will need to find a contractor that does Septic Tank Drainfield Repair sarasota fl near you, so that this situation does become hazardous to you and your family’s health as well as the environment. It’s very easy to assume that you can take of the repair but if you do not know where to dig around the drain field or know to fit the pipe back into place, this will cause a huge mess in your yard. Having professionals take care of it means that you can get the job done right the first time and know it will be years down the road before something like this ever happens again. The process of finding the problem is not easy, and you can end up with an issue concerning your water of you don’t get it looked at right away. You won’t be able to bathe or drink the water because it will be contaminated. If you happen to live near a pond or lake, the wildlife could suffer as well.

The Process

When getting the septic tank drain field repaired, the contractor doing the job has to do both plumbing and construction to get the work done. What happens is that they will try to unclog the drains first to make sure that’s not the problem. After that, they will go to the spot of wet grass in your yard and do some observations to determine where to dig without busting the pipes and other items that may be underground. Once, they find the spot to dig, then it is time to get to work on fixing the issue. There may be several pipes that either need to be cleared of clogs or replaced. You can see why doing routine maintenance and looking into the health of the septic tank every so often is important because it prevents expensive repairs in the long run. Your septic tank will be back up and working properly in no time.

Having your septic tank drain field working properly is important because of the environmental impact. You should have it looked at every few years to make sure that it functions without any issues. This will keep you from being surprised with a costly repair bill later on down the road.